Artist Statement

Physics proves the fundamental unity of all material existence.

Quantum physics suggest that human consciousness may affect the outcome of physical experiments, suggesting the essential unity of everything extends beyond the physical universe of matter and energy, and that the deepest reality is not some miniscule particle of matter, but a universal consciousness that pervades everything.

My preoccupation with interconnectedness of all matter and consciousness as an ongoing process is present in the construction of my work as well as the concept. Each experience, be it organic or constructed, leaves its mark. As a whole or in fragments, sometimes less defined than others, but always affecting what comes next. In many instances this is carried on to the next work in the series, allowing for a continuing dialogue from one piece to the next, and directly tying the existence on the newer piece to the piece created before it, and the piece created before that.

The pieces are composed in layers built up and stripped away. My involvement with the physical making of the surface is an integral part of the work, meaning that the surface on which I work is created as I work. Each layer of mark making is sealed with a layer of clear resin, which allows for a cataloguing of time and the change that it brings within each piece. These different elements find themselves bound within determined space. These boundaries serve both to unite and separate. They are definite or subtle, encroaching and ignored, erased only to reappear, self-organizing itself into larger more stable wholes.

Sheila Giolitti